Happy Trailers…

Who doesn’t love a good book trailer? I’ve already begun planning mine, even though my next book, MADhattan Mystery (Bloomsbury/Walker Books), isn’t due out until Spring of 2012. The story centers around a mystery in Grand Central Station that takes the main characters on a wild goose chase all around Manhattan. Think of the book trailer possibilities! I’d love to go all Hollywood – hire actors, a special effects artist, John Williams to do the score, James Cameron to direct – maybe do it in 3D! (Ooh, I just got a little head rush.)

Realistically speaking, it’ll mostly be me with my Canon PowerShot begging favors from unsuspecting friends. I’ve already put a bug in the ear of my best friend, who does video projections for Broadway shows. Hopefully, he’ll find the time to work his magic for me. In lieu of a Christmas gift this year? Steve, if you’re listening… [QUICK ASIDE: In a newspaper montage that flashes onstage during Tony-Award-winner Memphis, he included a blurb that read, “Bonk’s book sells out!” It’s just filler and goes by much too quickly to make out what it says, but still… Maybe it’ll have a subliminal effect on all those theatergoers.] 

Anyway, back to book trailers. I’ve found that some of the simpler ones, if done well, can be more effective than the mega-produced variety. The official trailer for Because of Winn-Dixie, one of my favorite books, is just a series of still shots with captions and background music but it really works. Whereas the extended trailer for bestseller The Art of Racing in the Rain, which is a high-quality video with professional voiceover, seems way too long and as a result, loses its impact. (It’s still a fantastic book though, and the dog in the trailer is adorable.)

So simple is probably the way to go. Although, now that I think of it, Blythe Danner (Gwyneth’s mom) would make the perfect Aunt Roz character for my trailer. Quirky. Sophisticated. Heart of gold. Moves back to NYC to resume her acting career after her husband cheats on her. We’d have to blow-dry Blythe’s hair straight to match the description in the book – I wonder if she’d work for scale. No, no, forget it. Simple pimple.



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